About Us

“Welcome to our store”

We are an Online Cricket Retail company that brings the best cricket equipment in competitive prices in the land down under. We are committed to making quality cricket equipment and accessories at affordable prices that suit all the age groups.

A player, coach and an administrator under one roof, we, as a family,  are passionately invested in the sport of cricket. From playing the game to managing an event, we understand the requirements for batting, fielding, bowling, wicket keeping, umpiring and coaching from every perspective.

Our love for the game has taught us the importance of nurturing the bat to maintain its performance over time. We also provide services for bat knocking and repair. Our fully automated state-of-the- art knocking machine is capable of performing soft and hard knocking to build flexibility & firmness in a bat. 

We also offer made to order services and are dedicated to developing a business community of people envisioning their own brand in this space. We provide end-to-end manufacturing services to small business who want to launch themselves in business of cricket retail.

Thanks to our friends who motivated us to take this initiative, we will give it our best to keep the commitment towards the game and business. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding products, services and business tie-ups.