CEAT Gripp Master


Specifications of CEAT Gripp Master

  • Expertly handcrafted with Grade 2 naturally dried English Willow
  • Mid middle profile perfect for all types of players and all types of conditions.
  • The Gripp Master comes in an duckbill profile with the mid middle and exaggerated bulge at the sweet spot with the spine running up into the handle and flattening out near the toe making for a superb pick up and a great shape for stroke all around the wicket
  • Comes with very minimal con caving to help keep the weight down along with improving the balance and the pick up.
  • With a square shaped toe with it being slightly slanted for better feel in the stance.
  • Usually comes with around 7+ clean and straight grains
  • It has got a maximum sweet spot position with the most response rate in the middle & slight to the bottom of the bat.
  • Round Sarawak cane handle provides good shock absorption and power
  • Specially designed scale grip of the bat handle for complete bat control
  • Curved edge with thickness of 37 mm -41 mm. and with 62mm spine
  • Maximum edge thickness for power stroke play

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