CEAT Hitman


Specifications of CEAT Hitman

  • Hand Crafted Naturally air dried Grade 1+ English willow
  • Being the top of the line from CEAT its made to suit Rohit Sharma profile with a mid middle and an enlarged bulge at the sweet spot.
  • It has an offset edge dispersing the weight along with the spine running up into the handle making for a better pick and having more power spread through out the blade.
  • Thick contoured edges, around 39mm – 41mm with around about a 62mm spine
  • Big bow as preferred by Rohit Sharma
  • Round 12 piece treble spring cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control.
  • Mid middle profile perfect for all types of players and all types of conditions.
  • Comes with very minimal con caving to help keep the weight down along with improving the balance and the pick up.
  • With a square shaped toe with it being slightly slanted for better feel in the stance.
  • Usually comes with around 12+ clean and straight grains
  • Traditionally shaped for superb strokes
  • Aero dynamic shape from the back for better swing control
  • Big Sweet Spot
  • Light Weight design

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