CEAT Striker


Specifications of CEAT Striker

  • CEAT Striker is made with naturally air dried Grade 3 English willow and is hand crafted.
  • This bat is for an aspiring cricketer, ideal for the beginners & Intermediates.
  • Middle to lower sweet spot. Suitable for the ‘complete’ batter meaning that you can enjoy all types of strokes on the front and back foot & you can play all types of wickets.
  • Typical Indian sub continental style bow ideal for play on slow and low pitches.
  • Curved edge with thickness of 36 mm -40 mm makes it perfect for power hitting.
  • CEAT striker has full spine running up into the handle giving it a lightweight pick up & suiting all type of stroke play
  • It has a flat face profile with a great ping at the sweet spot
  • Semi-Squared toe for better stance
  • Multi piece round Sarawak cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and control.
  • This bat comes with great control for powerful shots.
  • Traditionally shaped for superb strokes
  • Rohit Sharma Profile

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