MRF GAME CHANGER English Willow Cricket Bat SH


Specifications of MRF Game Changer

  • MRF Game Changer is the absolute “Top of the range” expertly hand crafted premium bat from MRF
  • Designed for Virat Kohli’s class and dominating batting style
  • Made to Virat Kohli’s exact specifications in terms of profile it has a mid middle and an exaggerated hump in the sweet spot putting all the power in the center of the bat
  • Square shaped toe gives the bat an exceptional pick up for the ultimate batting experience
  • Optimum balance with exceptional stroke.
  • Massive edges 38- 40 mm with full profile
  • Subcontinent Style bow
  • Low-Middle widest sweet spot for All round stroke play
  • Semi-oval handle made out of multi piece imported cane which delivers optimal combination of power, control and flexibility

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