Cricket Bat Match Ready Services – What’s Included and Things to Remember

  • Post published:September 13, 2022

Wondering what one could possibly mean by a cricket bat match ready service and how this particular domain works. We strongly believe that just like the doctor takes ultimate care of his stethoscope and ensures it is up and running, it is essential to ensure that you also take care of your cricket bat as a player. Specifically, when it is a match day, there are some steps which will make your bat performance ready, and that is exactly how we help you in the process.

How Do We Prepare Your Bats for Match Day?

We have always made sure that we can follow a basic proforma that guarantees quality to the service. The steps that we take into account are:

1. Oiling The Bat: The first thing we do is make sure that we will oil your bat, which will ensure that your bat can retain moisture and increase the batsman’s performance.

2. Knocking in the Bat by Hand: The next thing we do is not bad with the help of a hand because this makes the bat much sturdier and helps you have a better grip so that you can have a more extended shot.

3. Applying A top Quality Toe Guard: having the best toe guard is very important because it will ensure you do not have any unwanted injuries.

4. Applying A Top-Quality Protective Scuff Sheet: The next thing we do is make sure that we get the best scuff sheet for you, which automatically adds an extra dose of protection.

5. Fibreglass Edge Tape: Finally, the last and yet the most important thing we do to complete the process is apply a fibreglass Edge Tape to prepare your bat for play.

Things to Remember:

– The cracks in the bats can occur during the knock-in process and don’t necessarily denote a defect.
– For enhanced bat longevity, added protection like face tape & toe protection is a must.
– Cracks in the bats may also indicate improper use/preparation, insufficient knocking-in, or soft willow.
– Lastly, the life of a bat highly relies on the usage and care provided.

You know that when you search for the service of a cricket bat knocking near me, the ultimate option that will be provided to you is none other than us at SSR Sports. We have been working in this sector for a very long time now, and this automatically ensures that we can give you an experience which will ensure that the money you are spending is worth the same. Make sure that you get in touch with us early, and give us a couple of days to ensure that we can get your lucky bat ready for you in time!