Cricket Helmet Is So Famous, But Why?

  • Post published:August 23, 2021

The cricket helmet was created to prevent significant harm from being struck in the head by a cricket ball. Batsmen needed protection against being struck in the head by short, fast-pitched bowling, which led to the development of the cricket helmet.

Close-in fielders and wicketkeepers began to wear helmets as the game welcomed the growing adoption of helmets by hitters. Despite the fact that fast bowlers bowl at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour (150 kilometers per hour), cricket has been hesitant to embrace the cricket helmet as a measure of protection.

With the widespread acceptance of batsmen wearing helmets in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the game that has long treasured its traditionalism and idiosyncracies finally made the common sense breakthrough.

Recent advancements in helmet technology have enabled them to be mass-produced across the world and made affordable to the majority of young players. The steel visor inserts into the helmet by the ears, fastening onto the helmet with reinforced fittings, and is made of either molded plastic or man-made fibers set in resin.

The balance between comfort and safety should be considered while selecting a helmet. The helmet should be comfortable to wear, and the strap should securely hold the helmet in place. Check for enough ventilation holes in the helmet; batting in hot weather is difficult enough without having to fry inside your helmet.

To ensure that the helmet meets high manufacturing requirements, look for a safety standards sticker with your purchase. Fielders wear cricket helmets while fielding near to the batsman, usually at short leg or silly mid-off, looking for a chance to grab the ball.

In the subcontinent, wicketkeepers began to wear helmets when maintaining wickets, particularly on grounds with the ball bouncing and kicking up unexpectedly.

Finding the perfect cricket helmet, on the other hand, might be difficult, as having something on your head while batting can be quite distracting. You must locate the correct size, weight, and a helmet that is free of defects. Furthermore, the quality must be excellent since you will be facing fast bowlers who will attempt to knock you over the head, or you will be guarding wickets, where accidents can occur at any time.

When choosing a new helmet, pay careful attention to globally recognized criteria. A label will be attached to helmets that have been tested according to ICC criteria. As a result, only use head coverings that are properly labeled.

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