Some Helpful Tips to Choose a Great Online Store for Cricket Bats

  • Post published:July 29, 2021

The question of deciding which cricket bat is the finest will never be solved. This is because a bat’s technicalities enable it to burn down to a person’s choice, but some considerations must be made. It is kind of confusing as you don’t know whether to shop for MRF cricket bat or for a Kookaburra cricket bat. Nowadays, you can purchase your cricket bat online.

One of the places where you can purchase your favorite cricket bat and other accessories is SSR Sports. At SSR Sports, you can get all your cricketing products delivered to your doorstep and also get cricket equipment for sale.

Some of the tips to choose a great online store for cricket bats are:

1. Appropriate Size
When it comes to buying a cricket bat, height is quite important. Cricket bats come in a wide range of sizes. I’d also like to dispel the myth that the larger the bat, the better it is for stroke play.

The size of the bat has little effect on stroke play. Your height is the determining factor, and a short person will struggle to adapt to playing with a larger bat, just as a taller batter will struggle to adapt to playing with a smaller bat.

2. Willow and Grade
The amount of willow or lumber required to carve a bat from clefts of wood is an important consideration when purchasing a bat. The two most prevalent kinds are Kashmir willow and English willow.

England’s willow bats are far superior to those manufactured in Kashmir. The former is smoother and lighter in appearance than the latter. As a result, willow bats made in England are lighter. For individuals who are just starting to play cricket or are new to the sport, a Kashmir Willow bat is advised. When it comes to improving their game, an English willow bat is highly suggested for people who constantly impress and play at a semi-advanced level, all the way up to the competitive and elite level.

3. Diverse
Cricket bats are currently fitted and modified for usage in all formats of the game, including one-day internationals, Twenty20 matches, and Test matches. At the professional and top levels, cricket bats are modified or rendered according to the format and style of play. A batter’s batting style typically determines the type of bat he or she uses.

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