The Latest Trend in Cricket Gloves on Sale

  • Post published:August 25, 2021

The game of cricket has gotten tenfold more competitive, and becoming a professional cricketer has become a fiendishly difficult undertaking that needs great devotion, enthusiasm, and mental toughness. One must work extra hard and accomplish everything correctly, which begins with selecting the ideal bat, selecting the suitable gloves, deciding on the proper shoes, selecting the ideal helmet, and properly caring for them.

Since you don’t want a 140kph ball to strike your hands, special care should be made while purchasing gloves, both batting, and keeping. Choosing cricket gloves may appear to be child’s play, but there are a plethora of alternatives to choose from.

The correct bat size, for example, is critical for success. However, all of your equipment should be incredibly comfy when you’re playing! This is particularly true regarding your gloves. You can purchase cricket gloves on sale from several stores, but it is necessary to select the right one.

Some tips to choose the appropriate cricket gloves on sale are:

1. Select a Brand
We frequently choose brands that our favorite player utilizes. Top brands, on the other hand, have no difference in terms of comfort and protection these days. As a result, manufacturers are less critical because they all provide the same level of quality, so select any branded company rather than a local one.

2. Preferred Hand
The first step in purchasing the ideal gear is determining your favorite side and picking gloves appropriately. People frequently become perplexed and purchase incorrect gloves.
Gloves are usually marked RH for right-handed batsmen and LH for left-handed batsmen. Alternatively, look for the large thumb, which is on the right side for right-handed people and on the left side for left-handed people.

3. Right Size
When purchasing a new set of batting gloves, the most important consideration is size. While batting, oversized or undersized gloves will make you uncomfortable, making it harder to concentrate. Batting, on the other hand, is all about concentration.

Glove Size Measurements
Small Junior – 16.5 cm
Junior – 17.5 cm
Youth – 19 cm
Adult – 21 cm
Large Adult – 22.5 cm

Remember to measure your hand length from the wrist to the tip of your middle finger.

The first piece of equipment to show signs of wear and tear is generally the batting gloves. Perspiration on the hands, as well as friction during stroke play, can harm the gloves when cricket is played in hot weather. Purchasing cricket equipment is usually thrilling, but it’s always a good idea to make sure you get your money’s worth by properly maintaining your equipment. One of the ways to preserve them is to carry them in Kookaburra cricket bags.

The Kookaburra cricket bags not only protect your gloves but other equipment as well. At SSR Sports, you can purchase top-quality cricket products as well as purchase cricket gloves on sale.