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3 Identifying Features of English Willow Bats While Buying from Online Cricket Store Australia

  • Post published:August 18, 2022

Online cricket shop Melbourne: The right accessories can turn a fresher into a professional player within a short period. If you aspire to become a great payer someday, you must covet the cricket bats. Many online cricket store Australia sells premium quality cricket bats. But you should buy only when you understand every bit of the structure.

Choose Original English Willow Bat

Two types of willow go into the making of good quality cricket bats:
1. Kashmir Willow
2. English Willow
As Willow is the critical component of a cricket bat, it is essential to understand which type will be better for the making of your cricket bat.

English willow bats are ideally the better versions for certain technical reasons. Now, it’s your turn to learn how to check whether you are buying the bats of original English Willow.

#1: Check the color

The easiest way of identifying the English Willow cricket bat is the color of the product. If you compare the appearance of the wood to the other types of wood, English Willow will be always more whitish than its counterparts. You can distinguish the appearance even from a considerable distance.

Another distinguishing feature of the willow is the evident grains on the wood. In the case of the Kashmir willow, the grains mix and are not noticeable.

#2: Weight

The typical weight of the bats ranges from 0.94 kgs to 1.4 kgs. But the design of the bat is also a factor that cornutes to weight. The English willow bats are better than all options when it comes to performance and the weight ranges between 1160gms and 1200 gms. Thus it is suitable for players of all age groups.

#3: Grade of the wood

On visiting the authentic online cricket shop Melbourne, you will get to see some of the best-grade English Willow bats. You will get four different classes of wood, each with identifying characteristic features.

• The best option is Grade 1, which is also the most expensive one. The professional players use this bat that has got at least 6 impeccable straight lines or grains on the blade of the bat and zero imperfections.
• Grade 2 is also high-quality wood, with 4 to 5 straight lines or grains on the blade of the bat. There can be minor imperfections and markings.
• Grade 3 has some imperfections or butterfly markings.
• Grade 4 has a maximum of 4 grains with butterfly spots and imperfections.

Select your bat properly from the online store.