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  • Post published:September 20, 2021

Playing sports is probably one of the best activities one can do; the passion, the sportsmanship, the team bonding, the coordination, the endorphins, the wins, even the losses, all of it makes it an experience and more, especially when it is the national sport of the country. Playing any sport comes with the risk of injury which one can avoid or, at the least, reduce the impact of in extreme cases. Cricket is a sport that has equipment that can injure a person with one wrong swing or by playing with an unprotected body. If you are looking for an all-round cricket shop in Clyde, you are at the right place. Here, at SSR Sports online shop, you can find all the protective gear for the sport of cricket along with high-quality equipment as well as accessories to go accompany them and also duffle bags or wheel kits for you to store all your stuff into.

Using batting pads, helmets, abdomen guards, etc. will help you protect yourself as well as give you the confidence to pay freely, without worry. Even if you are playing a casual game, an unforeseen injury might injure you terribly or, worse, strip you of playing your favourite sport in the future.

Why should I use Batting Pads?

Batting pads are donned by batters while engaging in the sport of cricket; it is used to protect the knees, the shins as well as their lower thighs. A cricket ball thrown by a baller will travel towards the batter at a high speed and if it hits their legs, it can cause serious troubles that may lead to them losing the function of their legs, let alone cause painful injuries. SSR Sports has batting pads from top-shelf brands like SR, SG and MRF which is used by many world class cricketers. The excellent quality of these batting pads makes them comfortable enough for the player to move freely in and not feel strapped in.

Best Online Cricket Shop Online!

SSR Sports offers a wide range of products from top-notch brands at great deals for you to choose from. Browse the products category wise and see all the options available at affordable prices. This cricket Shop Clyde offers all the cricket equipment at one place from cricket bats and balls, cricket clothing, cricket kits, helmets, inner pads, wicket keeping gloves to spiked shoes to spike your performance and more! Moreover, we also offer customised manufacturing services and bat knocking services.