Cricket Kit Bag – Buyer’s Guide

  • Post published:November 6, 2021

To play cricket, a cricketer needs a lot of specialized equipment. To increase performance levels while also protecting yourself from the effects of a hardball. A cricket kit bag is required to store and transport all of this equipment. Due to the space requirements of equipment such as cricket pads and the accumulated weight of heavy items such as cricket balls and bats, cricket players require skilled cricket bags. Rucksacks, holdalls, and wheelie bags for cricket are all widely available on the market. In contrast, some modern cricket bags have some unique characteristics, such as a good bag for keeping your energy drinks cool.

Each sort of cricket kit bag has a distinct function. Some cricket bags are regarded to be more suitable for training, while others may be used as a typical gym bag for midweek workouts. Others, such as a cricket ball bag, have extremely specific use.

1. Size
Size is self-evidently valuable. If you’re a wicketkeeper, you’ll need a large cricket bag to hold both your wicket-keeping and batting gear.

A large cricket kit bag will also come in handy if you travel for cricket regularly, as it will allow you to carry both your cricket gear and your everyday apparel and toiletries in one large storage choice.

2. Bag Materials
The major material used in the outside covering of a cricket bag is nylon, which is a less expensive alternative to silk and is a waterproof artificial polymer known for its durability. This fabric is frequently coupled with a thin coating of PVC to modify the spaces in between the Nylon threads when woven into plastic sheets. In general, the canvas was a common material used in the production of cricket bags.

PVC was chosen because of its durability, affordability, and water resistance. PU is a popular material for wheels, runners, and studs because it is extremely robust and long-lasting. It’s also quite adaptable and may be used with a conditioner or blowing agent to make both flexible, durable compounds and high-density foams.

3. Practical Use
When it comes to cricket kit bags, practicality is just as important as size. After all, the primary reason you’re looking to get a cricket bag is to make storing and transporting your cricket gear easier.

A wheelie bag may be a preferable option if you have a lot of cricket gear because you won’t want to carry it all on your shoulders, but a cricket duffle bag is a fashionable alternative, and some stand-up duffle bags are equivalent to stand-up wheelie bags. The shoulder straps of the duffle bag define it, making it extremely simple to carry upstairs.