This Year Will Be the Year of SS Cricket Bats

  • Post published:May 31, 2022

A cricket bat is the most important piece of equipment for any player aspiring to be a professional cricket batsman. To perform during a high pressure game and practice you will need the perfect cricket bat.

Choosing the best cricket bat can be a difficult task, and seeing which cricket bat is perfect for you takes years of experience. The best blade for Kohli is different from the best blade for Warner.

Choosing the ideal one requires a lot of trial and error as well as a deep understanding of your game. On the other hand, starting with some basic information will help you find the correct match more quickly.

One of the best brands this year is undoubtedly SS. The SS cricket bats have been used by several international professionals over the last few years as it provides top quality. To buy SS cricket bats, you can visit the SSR Sports online store. The cricket store near me has all the other top-quality accessories as well.

The SS Cricket bat is made of grade A English willow for a better playing surface. The front side of this bat features roughly 7 to 10 straight grains with no flaws.

The sweet spot of this bat is in the mid-to-low range, which gives the player more balance and allows him to swing and pickup. The player may efficiently set the draw and cuts where the swing is most needed with a mid-to-low sweet spot and enhanced balance. The bat’s 12 pieces of swark cane are meant to improve stiffness and elasticity, allowing maximum force to be delivered to the cricket ball.

The variety for every kind of player is immense at SSR Sports (the best cricket store near me). The SS cricket bats can assist you to enhance your batting abilities as they provide a strong blade that is made up of top-grade willow.

The sweet spot (middles) of every bat is where the ball is hit with the most precision. The production and form of the bat dictate the sweet spot, particularly where the most wood is placed near the back of the blade. Your hitting style will decide the bat shape you should choose, which is unique to you. For drives, front-footers choose bats with lower middles, while back-footers prefer bats with higher middles, which are excellent for pulls and cuts.

SS cricket bats provide you a wide range of bats designed for diverse batting techniques. To buy SS cricket bats at an affordable price, make sure you visit the SSR Sports official website.