Five Quick Tips for Cricket Equipment Melbourne

  • Post published:May 31, 2022

Cricket equipment plays the most significant in a cricket player’s life. The gear helps in injury prevention and increases performance on the field.

One question that may frequently arise in the minds of cricket enthusiast is where to get these products. We have got you covered. Cricket equipment Melbourne can be purchased at the SSR Sports online store.

Despite the fact that there are numerous cricket gear Melbourne stores, not all of them provide the same high-quality materials and services, such as customized bats and bat knocking.

There are a lot of sports that need a lot of equipment to play well and cricket is a perfect example of this. With bats, balls, gloves, pads, helmets, and shoes all available at every high-end online cricket equipment Melbourne store.

Some top-quality cricket pieces of equipment are:

1. Cricket Helmet
A helmet is an important part of cricket equipment and is required for the game. The grey Nicolls Atomic Navy Cricket helmet has a Robust EPS inner shell and ABS outer shell wrapped in fine satin fabric for superior breathability. A conventional helmet design with a reinforced peak and a size adjustable dial ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

2. Kit Bag
The MRF Warrior Wheelie Kit Bag is a must-have for any cricket lover. The kit bag is made of excellent PU Coated waterproof material and is preferred by elite players. Because they are easier to drag and have better balance, these bags are far more comfortable than two-wheeled bags. For safety and durability, the bag incorporates foam padded walls. There’s plenty of room for everything you need to carry with three zipped side pockets, one integrated side bat pocket, and a front shoe pocket.

3. Cricket Bat
The Kookaburra Pace 3.4 Cricket Bat is a product of Grade 3 unbleached English Willow and has a light profile that is suitable for adult players who prefer a feather-light pick-up.

Grade 3 is the most often used blade grade, and it provides good value for money. The presence of a tint/redwood hue on up to half of the blade’s face has no effect on gameplay.

There are around 5 grains on the bat’s face, some of which are not perfectly straight, as well as some spots or butterfly patterns. This bat’s sweet spot is 215mm to 235mm from the toe. It sports a traditional toe profile, a 63-65mm spine profile, and a flat face profile.

4. Shoes
PU, or polyurethane, is the synthetic leather used in the Kookaburra Pro 2000. It’s super soft and flexible, so you can move your feet freely. The material is comfortable, breathable, and also allows for adequate legroom. The midsole cushioning is especially important since it protects the feet and toes from harm.

5. Price
Cricket gear Melbourne can easily be purchased at SSR Sports without compromising on quality at amazing prices. Make sure you visit the store for several other top-quality cricket gear.